Who's watching your security system?

Quality Assurance Programme for Residential
Estates & Commercial Properties

How can ACT RED help

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Our experience in training security personnel around the world as well as our knowledge of how criminals work positions ACT perfectly to independently evaluate security suppliers and advise on which supplier would be the best for you

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RED Team Testing

This type of test takes the form of an attack simulation and tests the various components of a security system. It is carried out by our highly trained security consultants.

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Quality Assurance

A key selling point for Residential Estates is the promise of a greater degree of security from crime. Residents increasingly demand a no-crime environment in return for their investment. Residential Estates in turn market a “safe” lifestyle as a differentiator, and considerable budgets are accordingly spent on security. 

ACT RED’s independent
Quality Assurance
Programme ensures your
integrated security systems
work as expected, when


ACT is a leader in the provision of military, paramilitary, personal, and business safety services and has been providing safety and security solutions and training in challenging environments both locally and internationally for over 9 years.


As independent specialists, we have established ACT RED to deal with the glaring gaps within integrated security systems that we encounter in our work on a daily basis.


We have designed this programme to check and enhance the services of your existing providers, not replace them.